Plan C

Plan C is here!

The global shipping market has been been getting worse by the year and 2016 has been the worst I can remember.  The market is likely to be challenging for a further two or three years.  After that, there is no certainty that it will return to a level where my business model makes sense.  I therefore decided to get out of Singapore and completely change direction.

I now run the Bangsaray Beach Club in the fishing village of Bangsaray in Thailand.

The Bangsaray Beach Club started life as a rest and recuperation facility for US officers during the Vietnam War.  Its peaceful location and proximity to the airbase at U Tapao was ideal for the purpose.  It was constructed in 1966 and this is its fiftieth year.  The club has been operating in one form or another pretty continuously ever since.  It became The Bangsaray Fishing Club and later, for the past twenty years, just The Bangsaray Club.  It closed for renovation in January 2016 and re-opened as the renamed Bangsaray Beach Club on the 20th August 2016.





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